Herobrine on MCPE can be rarely sighted, or rather fake. I believe Herobrine can be sighted on all versions, since I think Ive been watched by him. One day I was mining underground on IOS MCPE to get some iron, when suddenly lava spreaded out. I got creeped out because there was no lava around me, so I ran out of the cave and never gone back to the world. After a few days, I downloaded MCPE on android to get mods. I finished downloading it and ran around. I found a island and went there. But it was strange, because there was a strange totem made out of weird blocks(green lines all over dirt block). I studied it, and I heard some chirping noises. I turned around. No body. I quit out of the game and deleted it. I took a photo, but it was gone. This is the story I saw him: I spawned in a world with the seed: jpgaming. I went around and things were a bit glitchy. I fly real fast to another island when a Steve model with a corrupted skin flew past behind me really fast. I never got the chance to take a photo of it. So Herobrine might be real, or it's all in your MIND.