I saw Herobrine on PS3 ON CREATIVE MODE

Basically I was having tea but didn't want to exit the game I was playing with a friend you will probably think he did the stuff but he was as surprised as I was and asking why I did this stuff I told him I didn't I didn't do it Herobrine did it the first think that happened was are museum unharmed so I went to my town or really village my Mansion me and my friend taken hours to build it was blew up and my piston building was completely destroyed and there a weird fence structure my friend saw Herobrine in the woods the town was a wreck I fell in the water and saw HEROBRINE I was stunned I have seen him in to experinces before a few times on Pocket Edition and once on Mac on Alpha it was amazingly scary but a shame we travelled far away from him and went into furthest of my 2 nethers and we didn't lose him there were scattered creeper heads everywhere it was the scariest Herobrine encounter I had I've been on the world once since and that was to rebuild my mansion which taken ages haven't played on the world since I've seen him a lot of times and everyone Herobrine is real non believers he is real