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The more sightings there are on this Wiki, The more we can find out about Herobrine.

Note that Herobrine sightings are not valid if they were not found on the PC version. All the other versions (Xbox 360 Edition, etc.) cannot be real because it's a recreation of the original game, and not based on the original code whatsoever. Seeing Herobrine in these versions is just as ridiculous as seeing him in Terraria

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Herobrine is a minecraft creepypasta story. The legend of Herobrine is about a miner who died long before the arrival of the player. According to player's descriptions, he either watches you from a distance and runs away, or he builds traps and attacks you. He is sometimes seen holding a pickaxe. He can build, creating pyramid shaped sand landmarks, placing redstone torches, and writing signs. He also chops the leaves off trees, and cuts holes in the middle of tree. He can build 2x2 tunnels, and often teleports. However, he is mostly seen walking. 

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