Hello guys, I just wanted to let you know this is something that does NOT really involve Herobrine, but has been arousing my suspicions for the last few days, here is my story.

On February 21,2014 I created a new world called DewyLabs. This was a world where I would create my own lab and test and experiment with different things to help me in other worlds. I had created it successfully and was on creative mode, getting ready to create my lab. I summoned a Fletcher Villager, whom I befriended and built a house for him and me. I also spawned in 2 other villagers, one I named Crafty, another Butcha. I then proceeded to build my house. extending it, and creating it to look like a village house (but in my own design) I then created my lab. A big domed shape iron house, that I would complete the next day. I then create grass mountains and set down lawns, (for I was in RedStone Ready) and spawned in Chickens and others friendly mobs of the world of Minecraft. It had been 3 to 4 days in Minecraft that my place was merely complete, all I had to do was finish up the lab. When I was done the one Fletcher Villager that I befriended has mysteriously disappeared. i checked almost the whole wide ranged area. Only to discover nothing. I then gave up and believed he died. setting a small grave for him right by my house. When I had finished I then summoned another Fletcher in place for the old one. Because the Fletcher was one of those very "good" friends you don't always get in Minecraft.

It had been later in the day when the lab was finished, that I suddenly heard the noises of a chicken dying. This made me ponder, since I had no fires ,big ledges, or wolves to kill or hurt anything, plus all water compartments had been closed and sealed for only a player to open. I shrugged it off, thinking it was a mere glitch, and continued on

And then their is today 2/22/2015 when i was just playing the jukebox, minding my own business, playing Music Disc - Wait, when suddenly the jukebox changed to a different song, Music Disc -13, I then tried to remove whatever disc was in, only to discover nothing. I panicked, thinking it was nothing and it would stop. And the funny part is, is that when i removed the jukebox, the music just, disappeared. And here I am now. writing this sighting. I'll report to you guys later when I discover anything unusual. goodbye.