This is my first encounter with Herobrine, and thankfully my only.

I was loading up a game in 1.10 called "VillageCraft". Basically, a gimmicked survival in which villagers took top priority; they must never be killed by zombies, and it`s locked on Hard Mode. I had found an Acacia village in which was a blacksmith with saplings, apples, bread, obsidian, and a bar of gold. I was going to try to mine some trees to fortify the village, when Herobrine appeared. He didn`t move, and I didn`t either. He disappeared after a bit, and I was very concerned about this.

Was the game actually containing Herobrine, or was it a easter egg added in by Mojang?

I wasn't too sure, but I trooped on, thinking "Hey, perhaps the gameplay will be more fun!" I had collected a stack of acacia wood planks, but when I got back, my village was burning like nothing you`d ever saw. Villagers were dying, houses and farms were burning, it was chaotic. I deleted that world, but I still have the screenshots. Take these how you will.

2016-09-01 19.25.29